Early Music Education


This Interactive Program introduces young children from the ages of 4 to 6 to the basic elements of music and musical instruments. Listening to music, singing and percussion exercises are an integral part of the lesson. The programme starts at age 4 with a "toddler & parent" programme, and goes onto age 6.


These classes provide a good foundation for the learning of an instrument.


How does Discover Music benefit my child?


Young children, for the most part, love and respond positively to music. They are naturally receptive to the nuances of pitch and rhythm. The physical and mental health of children improves with measured and planned exposure to classical music, and research has shown that children who are exposed to music at an early age do better academically.


Discover Music classes teach children pulse, rhythm and movement through songs, games, and playing percussion instruments in creative and imaginative ways. Fine and gross motor skills are improved through improvisational dancing, and the handling of the instruments. Vocal and speech development are enhanced through rhymes and singing, while listening skills and concentration are improved with aural training. Sharing and cooperation are reinforced through the sharing of instruments, and learning to participate with other students.


Which Discover Music class is appropriate for my child?


BACUS plans to run programmes for young children at different ages:


Children aged 3 and 4 – Discover Music for child and parents

Children aged 4 and 5 – Discover Music for child and parents

Children aged 5 and 6 – Discover Music for child and parents


Each class meets once a week for 45 minutes. BACUS expects children to attend regularly and arrive to class on time.