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In 2010 a major benchmark was set in Malaysia, a rather important and memorable moment for the Indian community in Malaysia, as Sangeetha Swara Laya organized their first ever graduates receive their scrolls proudly from the Chancellors of Alagappa University.  Following this success in 2010, Bharath Arts And Cultural Society with Sangeetha Swara Laya organized their 2nd Convocation Ceremony in 2012 and graduated another batch of graduates in music.


All their hard work and efforts had paid off as they gained recognition via academic qualifications signifying their proficiency to perform in their chosen disciplines of music, after several years of strict training and studying.


Local Political leaders and Dignitaries from India and USA had come down to join us, the Staff and Directors of Sangeetha Swara Laya and Bharat Arts And Cultural Society, to make this event a total success adding importance to their sence of achievement. An evening of grand feast of classical music was arranged and performed by various Sangeetha Swara Laya students and teachers. The dance academy Kalaikottam further enriched the festival with graceful and talented artistes in Bharathanatyam performing alongside our musicians. The Honoured guests were all treated to a lavish spread of food and drinks whilst enjoying the performances of our professional lecturers to the academy.


Having set the benchmark with first two convocations and giving the students a mere glimpse of success, we at BACUS, set forth to make this an annual event as well as a paving the way forth for Malaysian, providing the next step, the Certificate, Diploma and leading to a full degree. We strive to produce students both proficient as professional musicians as well as backed with recognized qualifications, to help preserve and nurture the growth of the Indian heritage and culture in this country of ours.








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