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Care for Today. Hope for Tomorrow


Losing a parent is traumatic for any child, anywhere. In countries where war, famine and poverty are common, millions of children are orphaned and left to struggle for survival. Staying with a compassionate relative helps orphans begin to overcome the trauma of losing one or both parents. 


Many orphans around the world are exploited as cheap labour when they are forced to fend for themselves. This lifestyle not only robs these children of their childhoods, but also limits their potential to grow and reach for a brighter future. For these children, time is running out.   


With our affiliation with homes, the total number sponsored has reached 25 students a year. Each child receives 3 years of education and certification from University with job placement. The support is often enough to lift an orphan out of poverty. One-to-one orphan sponsorships strive to keep orphans with a family member - allowing orphans to remain with a guardian who may not have been able to afford to care for them on their own. 


Full sponsorship costs RM 1,000 per month for 25 months and Semi Scholarship between RM 100 to RM 300 a month - between RM 5 and RM 10 a day. 


"With Your Help We Can Give These Children The Care They Need,

Providing Them With Education And Emotional Support."


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