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Scholarships for Upcoming Artists in Malaysia

BACUS is raising funds to support music education scholarships for exceptionally talented young musicians. For many worthy students, the costs of professional classical music training are otherwise prohibitive. With your support, we can solve the very real financial hurdles they face. These hurdles include the basic expenses of tuition, musical instruments, and room and board expenses in often-costly metropolitan cities that are also musical and cultural hubs. By providing basic support to help these students pursue their goals of becoming professionals, we seek to encourage and motivate upcoming generations of musicians, thereby preserving the art and moving Indian classical music forward.


At the moment we are proud to achieve and give 25% Scholarship for our fellow members.


BACUS ( Barath Arts and Cultural Society of Malaysia) awards Students studying with Hindu Sangam Malaysia, Sangeetha Swara Laya and Kalaikottam their Scholarship of 25% of the exam fees. This is awarded to those students who grab this opportunity fast on a first come first serve basis, with a limited number of 25 scholarship awards per year.


BACUS is an organisation with an objective to promote the growth and preservation of the Indian Cultural Arts within the Malaysian Indian Community.


Their funds are mainly obtained from EZYFX4U  and SSLFXGURU 

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